Perfect Pancake Pan

The Perfect Pancake Pan
The Perfect Pancake Pan is simple and fast solution for perfectly shaped pancakes every time. You'll be able to make four golden brown and fluffy pancakes with minimal work.

You'll never have to use a spatula to make pancakes ever again. Just heat the Perfect Pancake Pan, close it up using the always-cool handles, and flip it over. Presto! Your perfect pancakes are now done. It's so simple that anyone who can turn a door knob can do it.

Plus the Perfect Pancake maker lets you make pancakes without any added fat. The reason is because it has a double-sided non-stick surface. You can make pancakes without having to add any butter or oil.

The non-stick surface is so slippery that not even burnt on cheese will stick on. You can make your favorite fruit filled pancakes and flapjacks without worrying about any sticky messes. Clean up is easy since nothing sticks onto the Perfect Pancake Pan.

In addition, the Perfect Pancake pan also works great for cooking eggs too. You can make four eggs over easy at once without ever breaking the yolk

Perfect Pancake Commercial
Offer Details: Purchase a Perfect Pancake pancake maker with a free bonus recipe guide for only $19.95 plus $7.95 processing & handling and receive a second Perfect Pancake pancake maker for free. Just pay a separate $7.95 in processing & handling.